Infinity Halloween Mahjong

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Halloween Infinity Mahjong

Most people who play Mahjong frequently have a particular board layout they are partial to, and sometimes the difficulty of the game has nothing to do with it. One layout may seem easier for some players while it is a challenge to others.

Most players start with Basic, and once they are used to how the game is played, they move on and try the other layouts and end up with a special one or two they like best.

The majority of players think that Pyramid Mahjong is the most difficult. This is most likely because there are a limited number of tiles to choose from at a time. Of course, the only way to determine which layouts you think are harder or easier than others is by playing them a few times yourself.

The more you play the game of Mahjong, the more skilled you become at selecting tiles and clearing the board. Do not expect to win every single game. Besides, if you did win every game, you would not think Mahjong very challenging and would tire of playing rather quickly.

One of the great features of playing these versions of Mahjong online is the ability to "undo" tile selections. If you become stumped and cannot make any further plays, you can easily click new game and try again. Good luck!