Halloween Chinese Fan Mahjong

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Those who have problems with memory loss have been known to benefit from playing the game of Mahjong. The popular game of matching up tiles has shown it can help improve memory. Even if you don't have problems with memory loss, the game of Mahjong is still a fun and interesting game to play just the same. Mahjong is also very relaxing to play compared to some other online games.

You might not know that the game of Mahjong also goes by a number of other names. Typically you'll see Mahjong spelled as one word, but it is sometimes also split into two words, Mah Jong.

Other names for this ancient tile game include Mo Tsiah, Ma Chiang, Ma Chiao, Mah Jongg, and Ma Cheuk. While any of these are acceptable names for the game, Marjong and Majong are considered to be misspelled versions.

If you are new to the game of Mahjong, you might be overwhelmed when you first see the tile layout. But there is no need to be because it is really a fun matching game that anyone can play. Young children can play Mahjong just as easily as they can Go Fish or Old Maid, and it also helps with their number, matching, and counting skills.

Mahjong has no defined age limit and is a game both young and old will enjoy playing. No matter what name you choose to call it, Mahjong will quickly become one of your favorite online games; careful, though, as it becomes habit forming very quickly!