Halloween Mahjong

Suggestion an Improvement :-)


5 Star Rating

i like it

Paula Banner

5 Star Rating

I think the layout is ok, and it good for halloween coming up (::)


5 Star Rating

excellent and fun

Carrolyn Lincoln

5 Star Rating

I love Mahjong and the way you have designed the icons. I have
altsheimers and I use these games for treatment. I have improved
so much from playing . My hat is off to you. Keep it up. Carrolyn


5 Star Rating

I like the way you grayed the unavailable tiles. The illustrations are
beautiful, and I like the hidden one at the end.


5 Star Rating

This was a challenging layout ,I tried so many times to win I lost
count. At any rate I was able to relax release stress and really enjoy
this layout . Rick you out did your self on this layout .Keep up
out side the box! I give this 10 star!

william winebrenner

5 Star Rating

I love this game. since i cant afford to buy this game, i have to play it
in this way. i gave your game 5 stars!


5 Star Rating

You are so talented with these mahjongs! I love this one. It's harder
to focus with these designs, but it makes it that much more
challenging and fun! I appreciate your fine work! Thanks!

don ward

5 Star Rating

it is a very challenging puzzle


5 Star Rating

Lots fun, I like the little pops whe you get it right. Just the correct
amount of difficulty. (And you can reshuffle if you are having
difficulty matching and you want to make it a bit easier)

  • Florence Cornett - 2014-08-06 00:20:42

    Have a replay feature

  • Hal Knudsen - 2014-02-15 21:28:16

    Its a fun break from other tile characters.

  • Sharon Snodgrass - 2014-02-14 16:19:08

    For several weeks now I have not been able to get ANY games at all on my brand new Chrome Acer 7 notebook. Every time I go to any game at all, I get the message: Can`t load this plug-in. Can you help me?? I love playing Mahjong and would love to have access again.

    Reply from Rick: Have you tried installing the latest Flash Plugin? Try googling "Flash Plugin Download" and grab the version for your computer.

    Hope that helps,

  • sunnydays9999 - 2013-06-21 07:31:10

    I love your mahjong game and have tried several of your modifications (great tile icons you use, by the way!). Have tried your Fruit version several times, and for most (but not all) of the singles (cherry, blueberry, etc) - I'm unable to select them. If I use hint and it chooses the pair, then I can select, but otherwise not. Please fix this! Many thanks, mvc

Many people support the theory that Mahjong and other games are good for helping develop the memory and aid in memory loss. Even if this is not a problem you are experiencing, the game of Mahjong is still loads of fun to play and it is also very relaxing.

Mahjong, also sometimes referred to as Mah Jong, originated in China or so the story goes. There are different theories on where exactly the game came from, but one thing is certain, and that is Mahjong is a very popular online tile game around the world.

The game may first seem simple enough in that tiles are matched to eliminate them from the board. However, the strategy goes much deeper than that when planning moves that will allow all tiles to be cleared. Even so, it is not always possible to clear all the tiles in every game.

Only light colored tiles can be selected for matching in pairs, and once they are eliminated, adjacent and underlying dark colored tiles then become light colored and eligible for play.

Kids enjoy playing Mahjong just the same as adults, and it also helps them develop matching and counting skills. Even younger kids can play just as easily as they can play Go Fish or Old Maid.

No matter what your age, Mahjong is a fun and enjoyable game you can play online. Be warned, however, that it can be highly addictive. If you haven't played before, give it a try. Have fun and best of luck!

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